How to order?
It is simple - visit our profile at
Create an account or log in - dozen of figures are available from stock.


If you haven't found a figurine of a species that you specifically would like to have you can order it here too. We will carve specific species for special request especially for you, as we do carve all shorebirds species.
Depending if you order one figurine of a one species, or few figurines of one or few species we need from 4 to 6 weeks to make it. You can also specify the appearance of your figurine: plumage (juvenile, breeding/adult summer, non-breeding/adult winter), and posture (e.g. upright, leaning, sitting).
You can also send us a photo with a note: 'This is how I would like my figurine to look like!'


Give us your postal address and other necessary information (i.e. e-mail address, phone number) for us to be able to contact you.

As a feedback we will inform you about the price (price and other information available in the directory), shipping costs, figurines availability and order realization time.

Upon acceptance and confirmation of your order we start realization. When the figures are ready, we make three digital photos, and, along with the bank and account details for prepayment, we send it to your e-mail address. After money transfer confirmation we are sending Shorebirds to the new owner :-).

What is the order realization time?
We have no inventory (with the exception of figures available on etsy), as every figurine is made for specific and individual order. In case of large orders the realization time can be extended up to 12 weeks. We inform our clients about the realization time immediately after receiving the order.

Shipping costs
Figurines are light, hence the package (containing up to a dozen pieces) usually do not exceed 1 kilogram (2,2 pund - lb). Shipments are send by Polish National Post, and package delivery cost is between 15-33 dollars, depending on the country of destination.

Shipping safety
We make sure the figurines will be in one piece. Box with figurines is properly and precisely filled, and the figures themselves are carefully protected so they do not move, and rub against each other in the package.

In case of any questions - contact us!

          e-mail:   info(at)

If it is possible please write to us in English. It will greatly speed up contact with you. If you will write in your native language, we will translate your message and reply in English - but it will obviously take us some extra time.
Thank you.